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Heirloom Quilt Biltmore Monogram

Heirloom Quilt Biltmore Monogram

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Heirloom Quilt Biltmore Monogram

These blankets work wonderful with Machine Embroidery or just as they are. These are great "blanks" for you to create a one-of-a-kind personal gift. Many people chose to add names, dates or specialty graphics.

Wide variety of colors, New inventory always being added.
These blankets can be used for babies, toddlers, picnic blankets, lap quilts and they are the perfect size for a wheelchair leg covering.
Each quilt has decorative 12 round medallions, Inner center of each medallion measures approximately 61/2 inches to fit the monogram/image in. Made from 100% cotton and personally embroidered with poly-rayon thread. The edges of the quilt are scalloped and quilted with shinny thread to catch the light.
Occasionally small flecks of natural colored batting fibers will show through the top fabrics, usually on the white material. Sometimes, more with the white fabric, if the quilt is help up to the light, there might be some slight differences of thickness in the batting allowing different amount of light to show. Also at times there will be some loose or bunched threads. These can be trimmed without damage to the integrity of the quilt. These are all normal and part of the way the quilt is produced. Refunds will not be given for imperfections found in the quilts d/t to production methods.

Color: White Blanket with Pink Border- White Blanket with Blue border-Solid White Blanket-Solid Purple Blanket-Solid Pink Blanket-Solid Blue Blanket-Solid Grey Blanket-Solid Navy Blanket-Solid Teal Blanket

Size: 36'x46'

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